Black and Brown Herb Farmers

These are Black and Brown herb farmers in the so-called Portland metro area who grow on contract and/or sell bulk herbs. We have no affiliation with many of these farms nor can we answer questions about their pricing and availability.

Iman, Baylasan Botanicals

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Intuitive Herbalism

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SWANA Plant Medicine

SWANA Ethnobotany

SWANA Medicine Making

Baylasan Botanicals is a small farm-to-medicine business founded by Iman Labanieh and based between the lands of the Kalapuya, Clackamas, Cowlitz, and many other tribes that make up the Confederated Tribes of Grande Rhonde. Baylasan was born in 2021 out of years of connection with plants and their medicine, who called on us to know them more intimately by growing them and stewarding the land we resided on.

We grow food and medicine as a means of healing ourselves, communities, and lineages, rooting us back into our land-based ways of life, love, and healing. We grow an array of medicinal herbs & make many different kinds of medicinal preparations, such as teas, tinctures, and oxymels. We also focus on growing traditional foods of the SWANA (South West Asia + North Africa) region. At Baylasan, we are excited about ethnobotany, bioregional herbalism, no/low-till farming, reciprocal plant relationship, seed saving, and intuitive farming + medicine making. We’re looking forward to connecting to other local herbalists! Let us grow for you!

letty, Flying Dogheart Farm

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shiny, Scrapberry Farm

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